Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains why Science Matters in America

Popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently made a passionate appeal calling on Americans and the rest of the world to reconsider the importance of science. In his appeal, Tyson explained that America, a backcountry, became “one of the greatest nations on earth” through the innovation of science.

However, over the years, something went wrong, and this changed the way most Americans now view science, which is worrisome to Tyson. According to him, science is not something to toy with, and evolution and climate change are as undeniable as E=mc2, just as most Americans have lost the ability to judge what’s true and what’s not concerning scientific topics. Furthermore, he said, each minute spent in denial of the scientific truth, is delaying the political solution that would have been created years ago, and the sooner we understand that the sooner we can solve the problems facing us.

Tyson points out issues that have somehow become a very controversial, despite staggering scientific evidence that should take out any such dispute like vaccination, evolution, and human-caused climate change for instance. He also points out that some people, who barely understand what science is about, now hold the most power in the society, and this he called “A recipe for the total dismantling of our collective democracy.”

Scientific Literacy on the Verge

The scientific method in this day of “alternative facts” is more important than ever. Tyson tells us the elements of the scientific method which involved peer review and testing hypothesis and how they work well when employed by rivals. Also, he believes when we apply them in the right way, they are often way better than things done by human beings.
This new scientific truth is not concerned with people’s opinions and doesn’t pay attention to people’s beliefs about them, and they remain valid. Scientific literacy has retained its utmost relevance, with the alarming growth of inventions and innovations. Tyson wants Americans who have voting power, to understand the importance of science so they can be able to make more informed and intelligent decisions about issues.

Additionally, he brought up the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s to buttress his point and said that not once in recent American history does he recall people denying what science was, implying that this is what we see today. He also said that what is more important is for people to see and move on to political conversations about how to solve real problems. People need to be on the same page and see that this is a serious issue and find ways to address it.

Tyson centers his attention on climate change is a serious issue that demands our attention and agreement. He implies that “tariffs or carbon credits” are top topics for a political conversation which should have been discussed years ago, but sadly keep getting ignored because a lot of people are in denial. America today, is not the country I recall growing up in, he laments. We need to recognize that science is relevant to the service of civilization.


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