Featured Artist: Clara Johnson

featured artist clara johnson

Featured Artist: Clara Johnson

I’ve never been one to do things the same as others. I was the one who would make a handmade greeting card and create my own artwork for my apartments. However, like many people, it was a skill that I took for granted. Until one day, I bought house that had a huge wall that I envisioned a particular work of art on it. Knowing that it would be hard to find what I visualized and probably wouldn’t want to pay the money it would cost, I bought some supplies and created my own. And then another.

This typical behavior coupled with my father’s transition (death) the year before gave birth to an artist. I bought more art supplies and used all of my spare time painting. The more I painted the less interested I became in others activities. I lost interest in sports, parties and even my corporate job! It was as if I had discovered myself for the first time in my 35 years of living! I realized that I was born to express my soul as a visual artist. I believe that discovering one’s purpose is one of the greatest, if not The Greatest, gift one can receive in life. I am still discovering myself eight years later.

I’ve never been one to do things the same as others. This is blaringly evident in my artwork. I create abstract works of art that spill out from my mind and heart. I do not wish to recreate in art what I am able to see and touch in this ‘reality.’ Producing art on my own terms gives me joy and makes it difficult for others to classify what it is that I do. When I exhibit my work I want the viewer to wonder how it was done, what did I use to create it and where did the idea come from. I am a self-trained artist which means I did not go to school to ‘learn’ art. I do not purposefully mimic any artist that came before me. My skills and vision are purely from MIND.

When I was a young girl, I was fascinated with astronomy and nature. I read everything I could about the planets and studies the trees. Mankind cannot take credit for these things. They exist by permission of a Power so great that mankind doesn’t have the capacity to express or duplicate. Yet this is what I attempt to express in work; the perfection, beauty and steadfastness of our world if we choose to see it this way.


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