Introducing Innclusive, the Black Tech Startup that could dethrone AirBnB

While Airbnb is a good platform, as a minority, people can discriminate and even judge you for being who you are. That’s what happened to Rohan, the founder of Innclusive!

How did Innclusive come to be?

At first, he wanted to book a nice vacation. The owner was more than welcome to the idea. However, as weeks passed by and the booking time got close, he first found that the initial date was not available for booking. He was flexible, and he wanted to go there, so he chose an earlier date. However, soon his booking got canceled. Was it due to racial discrimination?

He wanted to test this, and he did, simply by creating a fake account for a virtual white person. His booking was accepted immediately. Unfortunately, issues like this one can appear all the time on platforms like Airbnb. This is why he created Innclusive, to solve this problem.

What makes Innclusive distinct?

The primary benefit offered by this platform is the fact that it delivers minority-friendly accommodations. It doesn’t matter what minority you pertain to, no one will judge you here. That’s what makes Innclusive so impressive, the fact that you have complete control over where you go, and you won’t be judged or limited in any way.

Rohan created Innclusive as a solution for those people that were offended while trying to use other online accommodation platforms.

Why should you use such a service?

As you can see in recent events, people can quickly cancel on a platform like Airbnb and there is no protection against discrimination before it occurs. You can end up going to the house where you want to accommodate and 3 minutes away from the house, you can find yourself without a place to stay. This can lead to a disastrous vacation, but thankfully there are some ways to eliminate all this type of stories.

Using a platform like Innclusive allows you to eliminate all these problems. You get to enjoy your time and have fun whole also staying away from any racism or minority issues. Just because you pertain to another race, that doesn’t mean you should be judged. After all, apartment and homeowners that share their home with others on such platforms do care about money, and they want to make a supplemental income.

Innclusive helps you eliminate the stress and problems that you can find in your life. The best thing you can do is to focus on quality and success. It all comes down to knowing how to approach this experience, and the outcome can be a good one. You should try to use Innclusive if you want to get the perfect accommodation services without having to worry about race. So, next time when you want to enjoy your vacation and go there without having to deal with that issue, you may want to give this platform a shot. It’s one of the best platforms to help you against this type of unwanted and downright stressful situation.


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