Local Raleigh Apartment Complex calls for Curfew of its Residents

Straight from the Raleigh North Millbank Court LLC: Curfew Change

Read the full notice here: Curfew Ordinance

The following comes from one of our, “on the Ground, TaJTalk.com, citizen journalist, in regards to the latest curfew that was posted in Raleigh by The Raleigh North Millbank Court LLC, along with what appears to be a sanctioning by the Raleigh Police Department.   FROM THE DESK OF ALVIN PINE: TaJTalk.com Columnist:
After receiving several phone calls texts and emails this evening wondering if this were a hoax or not.  TaJTalk.com is still attempting to verify the authenticity of the document.  Is this simply an attempt to provide safety in the midst of what seems to be the beginning of a summer of thefts and break-ins throughout Raleigh?  Or, are we now witnessing the action plan in motion of the Trump/ Sessions fascistic scheme to criminalize as many black and poor people as possible. Instead of developing and implementing programs that will engage poor and near poor people incomprehensibly positive directions in terms of vocations and employment, the preferred system allows people to squander their lives in squalor and crime.
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