Young Genius Brothers, 11 and 14 Years Old, Graduate from High School and College

Two very smart black kids have managed to achieve the impossible. They have graduated from high school to college simultaneously. As you can imagine, this is quite the achievement and it clearly shows the great focus that these guys have and how much studying meant from them.

The younger one named Cannan has just graduated from high school and he wants to start studying at the TCU in the fall, most likely for a major in engineering and astrophysics. They are more than just brothers though, the two youngsters are study partners.

This is what makes them distinct. They really love the idea to study and they always work hard to achieve that type of great result that can rarely be found anywhere else. According to their mother, both Cannan and Carson Huey-You are studying very hard, but they are just regular kids. They aren’t just simple kids though. This type of achievement can’t be acquired by anyone and that on its own can certainly be amazing in the end. It does bring in front a major set of opportunities and that on its own can be incredible.

Accomplishing so much at such a young age is nothing short of amazing. Obviously, all of us are impressed at their academic prowess and we would like to be like them. But they do have that stroke of genius that makes them so distinct when compared to the regular kids at their particular age. It’s safe to say that there was a lot going on here and the simple fact that they work so hard to achieve greatness at their young age does tend to speak volumes about these youngsters. This really shines, but in the end, that’s what matters the most.

They did have a challenging life at first. Being a genius kid is not easy. In their case, the two kids didn’t get any type of federal financial assistance and that was a large hurdle. It’s safe to say that only with the right approach and a true focus on success you will get to achieve greatness and that’s what the young genius brothers did. It’s really impressive to see something like that in real life and it’s downright inspiring for all of us, that’s for sure. Yes, there were some issues for them and life wasn’t without its own set of challenges. But inspiration, focus, and hard work allowed them to push through.

These amazing kids are geniuses and they do work very hard to ensure that they have a great future. We should all learn from them and we should do all in our power to support such amazing people.

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